The BuTani Overview was a major overview of Star Command by the BuTani Corporation nd overseen by Senator Ali Akbar Muharrah after their humiliating failure in the Gryar War in 311AE, looking into everything from their command structure, to the tactics they use, the hardware and software they are using, their traditions and training methods, to their uniforms, in fact every aspect of the organisation was reviewed.

The information was collected over several years and then alanlysed for several more. Ideas about changes that could be implemented were offered as this process took place and implemented where possible, such as new uniforms, training methods and the updating starships systems and the designing of new equipment and starships.

When the Overview was finally published in 316AE it was a damning review of Star Command, pointing out some major flaws, such as the system of traditions that had undermined its effectiveness, the fact that the rest of the galaxy had come up with capital starships that could easily overpower any Alliance starship, in fact the Star Command was no longer fit for purpose.

The fallout of this was that major shake ups took place throughout Star Command. The Pegasus Class and Poseidon Class were created as a result of this.

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