The BuTani Corporation is one of the largest and most successful corporations in the galaxy with massive holdings in the Alliance.

Their headquarters are in Omoa on Orsimo and they have an interest in dozens of different industries, from starship construction to media outlets to banking to computer design and Arcade and Locator Hub construction.

Major shareholders include the Baraben Prime Royal Family.

They are perhaps best known for being the company the Alliance turned to overhaul Star Command in the wake of the Gryar War. The BuTani Overview took several years to collect information, analyze it and then make their recommendations, which started before the Overview was even published. The main trust of the Overview was that Star Command needed to modernize, which lead to Pybot's being utilized on starships, starfighters being incorporated into starships rather than being kept separate and the design of capital ships for Star Command like the Pegasus and Poseidon Class.

They have holdings all over the Alliance and beyond. They own a shipyard specializing in shuttlecraft in the Raleigh-Cox System.

The Mists (book) Edit

In Rabcyella 329AE it was revealed that they were buisling a military grade starship yard in orbit of Whereev Mellon in the Sarafid Dowd'i Kingdom.

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