Blu Tia is a female Sarafid Dowd'i, daughter of Sarafid Shah Hand Rahan IV.

She is half-sister of Rish Redar, Xee Xar, Han Uball and Mono Lee. She is protected by the w'Vondrasha.

She is been the Sarafid Kardoness of the moon of Whereev Mellon, Polonkip, and one of their most important colonies, Erapa Hundique Colony, although highly corrupted by the Cameron Syndicate. She is known by offworlders as 'the moon princess'.

She lives a heavily hedonistic lifestyle, influenced heavily by the wealth and goods that the Syndicate brings to Polonkip along the Cameron Courseway. She is sexually aggressive and interested in sex, drugs and power. Her drug problem is an open secret amongst her inner circle on Polonkip, and she has no problem with breaking any and all taboos in her society.

She is protected and served by the w'Vondrasha, some of whom she has taken as lovers, including Ar Miz, and (according to rumour) Thegre Sasuk) and has a controversial advisor, a Smuilian named Vyn.

The Kingdom of Skulls Edit

In Ques 329AE she descended from Polonkip to Whereev Mellon when Xee Xar arrives to admonish her and bring news that the Tincarma were coming to destroy Whereev Mellon. She refuses to get involved in the battle and returns to Polonkip where she makes plans to assassinate Xee Xar before leaving, she was talked out of her plan by Vyn.

After The Battle of Whereev Mellon she enters a sexual relationship with Jovan Johnson.

Phoenix Edit

In Syropha 329AE she attends the security briefing for the Federated Territories Agreement signing and is seen talking to Jovan Johnson.

She later sends for Jovan Johnson whilst on Polonkip and has sex with him, but drugs him in order to keep him out of the way. She discusses her plans to ascend to the throne with Vyn.

She goes down to the surface, accompanied by her W'Vondrasha and kills Rish Redar.

Cho Shu then joins her W'Vondrasha.

Her forces then meet up with Phineas Chong and they enter the Sarafid Shah Citadel. The word is given and all the Cameron Syndicate forces join her, which leads Teph Mon and Evet Ustin to lead the Fire Priests and Sarafid Dowd'i Military onto her side.

She ascends the throne and is named, prematurely, Sarafid Shah. she orders Xee Xar be found and killed.

Physical Appearance Edit

She has dark skin and the usual all white eyes of the Sarafid Dowd'i as well as an athletic and toned figure that she openly flaunts with revealing outfits.

She has more than the usual traditional Sarafid Dowd'i, not only over head head and down her neck, but down around her eye sockets, down her arms and onto her hands.

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