The Basic Exercise and Survival Test (BEaST) is a major test which takes place towards the end of Star Command Basic Training. It is designed to break trainees and defeat them bith physically and mentally so commanders can see how they deal with stressful situations and which of them will continue to fight against unbeatable odds.

The test is not meant to be completed, most who begin will not make it to the end.

At Camp Berlinsberg trainees are taken up into the Talloth Mountains in their Squads, given 3 days food, 1 days water and set loose. Under optimum conditions it is a 4 day hike back to base. They are under attack by Marines and shuttle, and other Squads, the entire time.

The record until 314AE was 5 and a 1/2 days when Delta-06 knowcked 2 hous off the time

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