Prelord Auxix, Son of Auxor, is an Oferan Prelord who is the eldest son of War General Lord Auxor and heir to the House of Nuruodo.

Screaming Into The Night Edit

In 329AE he is accompanying his father on a training exercise with Task Force Auxor 1-01 when they get the call to intercept Ibudab. By the time they get to the Seraphic and drive off the Naz'Jil's they find that Ibudab has died.

Personality Edit

He has been trained since birth by the best Oferan tutors and trainers to be an Oferan Prelord. He has inherited his fathers arrogance, xenophobia and drive to conquer as well as his faith in the Brotherhood of Panju.

Physical Appearance Edit

He is slightly shorter and more slender than his father, but is still a powerful and athletic man. He wears his head shaven as per his religious beliefs.

Relationships Edit

He keeps his chief-of-staff Brixax, Daughter of Brithar close by.

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