Alexander McDougal was a Star Command Officer and a doctor from Inpu in the Baraben System. He was introduced in the book Kingmaker.


He attended Star Command Academy on Baraben Prime in 314AE. Before attending he attended a Prepatory Course on Inpu where he passed he qualified as a shuttle pilot.

He was a member of the Royal White Tigers.

In 315AE he started a relationship with Tiffany Knowles.They lived in Ejjina Mexonber-Quad's home in Golding for a time before moving into the apartment she rented in Resolute.

In 316AE he worked as a resident at Resolute General Hospital in his Cadet Cruise, and continued there as a resident after he graduated.

Before graduation he and Tiffany were poisoned by the Cameron Syndicate. Only his medical knowledge saved their lives.

The Birth of a Starship

In 325AE he worked with the Star Command Academy, taking medical cadets to the Resolute General Hospital.


In 326AE, now an Ensign and fully qualified doctor, he transferred aboard the ScSS Banabhatta at the request of Captain Ejjina Mexonber-Quad to take up the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer. She travelled aboard the Dracovia to the Banabhatta alongside Tiffany Knowles and Kiew Hhung So.

In 328AE during the Podrink 452 Incident, he was part of the rescue team led by Captain Ejjina Mexonber-Quad into the Nostluhk facility on Cancri. While on this mission he was bitten by a Trict and it injected venom into the wound.He died of the poison a short while later.

Personal Information

His cousins were Stirling and Hamish McDougal. Their collective grandfather was a Star Command officer.

He was a member of Academy football team.

He is an Oysoyer United fan.

He and his cousins were known to be selfless, doing charity work, buying peple thoughtful presents and helping people with their studies. He is seen as something of a dream date by many girls, smart dressing, good looking, intelligent and training as a doctor.

He had dark brown hair and brown eyes and pale skin. He is a poor singer.

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