The Alexander-MkII Class is a starship design that has been amongst the most successful designs in history.

They are named, like the Alexander-MkI for famous people from history.

After 100-years of service the Alexander-MkI was seen as being in need of an update. But the basic design principles it was absed on were sound, therefore the new vessel was designed along the same basis, but upgraded. It runs off one overdrive engine.

The Alexander Mk-II is 33% larger than the Mk-I and came into service in 125AE. It has been in steady service ever since.

The standard crew compliment in 250 crewmen.

The ship is designed to be small and utilitarian, easily modified for multiple types of mission.

By 326AE the standard PEP cannons on the Alexander-MkII Class were 25.0 Calibre.

In the Gryar War the ship was out performed by the Gryar ships, despite a supposed technological advantage. This lead to the BuTani Overview in which it was conclusively argued that the Alexander Mk-II had been in service too long and was in dire need of massive upgrades in order to be able to perform some of the same functions, in other areas it woudl have to be replaced entirely.

The ScSS Banabhatta was an Alexander-MkII.


Deck One - Bridge, CO's Office

Deck Five - Upper Engineering

Deck Six - Lower Engineering

Deck Eight - cargo Holds/ Starfighter bays

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