Agents is the second book in "Season One" of The Seraphic Chronicles.

Agents front cover

Agents front cover

Moving away from the crew of the ScSS Seraphic Agents tells the story of NightShade agents, the secretive and unspoken manipulators, the men in black, the first line of defence against the enemies of the Alliance.

Raphan DJango is a former Star Command officer, married to an Oferan lady, putting together a team to oversee and manipulate the civil war ridden Ra'Shain Federation, Imperial Oferan Empire, the Cameron Syndicate and Star Command at the onset of Operation Open Water.

Preceded By - Screaming Into The Night

Followed By - Doubt That The Stars Are Fire

Behind The Scenes Edit

This is the first in the NightShade Trilogy, follow by The Cut Throat World Of Business and Mirror.

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